February 2018

Loops its been a while but here goes, a new post for the news section of my website :)

I'm very pleased to tell you that health wise all is really good, I continue to go for regular checks but so far all is well, I am so lucky. 

Anyway the cancer did me a favour in some ways, in particular it made me realise how very short life is and to enjoy every moment and it is with that in mind that I decided to take a MA in Illustration. I have always wanted to make children's books and this is what I am focussing on during the course. Whether I end up doing it or not doesn't really matter, i am giving it a go instead of talking about it and that feels good. 

At the end of May I will be taking part in Derbyshire Open Arts (details to follow). 

I do intend to update regularly so keep checking back here for latest news of exhibitions and events. 

Thank you ! X