October 2010

This month my painting 'Royal Avenue' was exhibited at The Octagon in Bath as a finalist in the annual competition The Bath Prize. In this competition you are given a specific area of the city to paint when you register. Royal Avenue runs through a grassy park area of Bath which was a bit of a challenge as I prefer to paint buildings but I was pleased with the finished painting and it was great having my work on show in such a beautiful city.

I am now working on a painting of Irongate in Derby. It is a beautiful area of the city with some lovely buildings including Derby Cathedral. There are some tiny little streets which run off Irongate, such as Amen Alley which lies next to the Cathedral that should make it very interesting to paint. This will also be larger than my previous paintings so will probably take me quite some time to complete.

I have also been busy making 18 small paper mache fairies for Derby Museum and Art Gallery Shop which I should be delivering to them soon ready for their Christmas display.